Sea Shanties is an ever-changing strategy board game where players compete to be the most legendary pirate sailing the Kanvus Sea.

To do so, players must plunder islands for precious Loot, complete challenges to earn song Verses, and pillage other captains in a unique sea-battle mechanic in order to collect Lore and the most Renown Points.

Starting the Game

A map of the Kanvus Sea is randomly constructed before all captains as they prepare to set sail. With over one duodecillion (approximately 1.09 x 10^39) possible arrangements of the game board, the chances are great you'll never explore the exact same corner of the Kanvus Sea twice...

An island is chosen as your starting port, your crew are gathered from Hunter's Tavern, and your sails fill with wind as they're unfurled and you head toward the horizon.

During Your Voyage

Although pirates can be crude and the sea a treacherous place, the captains of the Kanvus Sea take turns building their sagas in an organized clockwise manner.

Becoming the most renown pirate to ever sail the Kanvus Sea is as easy as A.B.C.

ACTION - Strategically plan your actions as you maneuver across the sea. You may Sail, Plunder, Recruit, Abandon, or Battle during your turn as you seek to gain control of map.

BURY - Take this chance to safely bury any or all loot currently aboard your ship.

COLLECT - Reap the rewards of your hard working island crew by collecting loot from the islands under your control.

Captain's Placard

The Kanvus Sea favors the most strategic of captains. Use your Captain's Placard to carefully plan out your turns, bury your loot, choose your special abilities, and manage your crew.

Be warned! All of your planning is visible to other captains as well. Never give away your strategy to those less deserving of legend!

Plundering Loot

As you navigate your ship through the isles of the Kanvus Sea, you continuously build your legacy by assigning members of your crew to control loot-producing islands.

During your turn, plunder your islands for fish, iron, grog, and gold. Bury the most of a given loot type and be the Captain who claims the shanty Ballad.

Sea Battle

As you spot an enemy ship on the horizon, you take control of the helm—full speed ahead—and take aim. Both Captains survey their crew and then decide using their Battle Dials...will you risk winning too big and sending your crew to the Tavern or play it safe and risk loosing your precious Loot?

Ballads of Legendary Captains

Your deeds on the Kanvus Sea do not go without consequence. Ballads are sung about the most worthy captains. During your adventure, bury your hard earned loot to claim the Ballads.

Be wary, however, because Ballads are never sung about the runner-up.

Verses, Melodies, & Lore

Melody Cards represent advantages in the game. Lore Cards represent objectives that captains need to complete in order to earn the advantages described on their paired Melody Card. This pairing of Melody and Lore cards is called a Verse.

Your collections of song Verses will create your legendary Sea Shanty! But while a long song is nice, the having more Verses doesn't always make you the most legendary sailor.

Complete the lore to add the verse to your shanty! No two game will ever have the same verses available

End of Game

The game comes to an end as the last lines of Lore are written or all of the Ballads of the Kanvus Sea have all been claimed. At this time, each Captain will have one final round to make their mark on history.

Once your sails have been lowered and crew dismissed, tally your Renown Points based on Ballads earned, Verses claimed, and Islands controlled. The most Renown wins and is deemed the most Legendary Pirate of the Kanvus Sea!

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