What t' legends say about us

Legacies are written by what others have said about you. Don't take our word for it -- Look at what established tabletop game reviewers have said about Sea Shanties.

A group of competing captains crafting their legacies

What is Sea Shanties?

Sea Shanties is an ever-changing strategy board game where players compete to be the most legendary pirate sailing the Kanvus Sea. To do so, players must plunder islands for precious resources, cleverly manage their crew, and pillage resources from other players in a unique sea-battle mechanic. Players will complete objectives that write the shanties sung of their legacy once Davy Jones takes his toll.

Prepare to Sail the Kanvus Sea!

You enter a weather-worn building on an island somewhere in the far western reaches of the Kanvus Sea. The small tavern is crowded but the dark, damp air inside, although heavy with must, is a refuge from the sweltering sun currently baking the island's shore.

The tavern swells, bustling with privateers and buccaneers -- a missing eye, arm, or leg seems to be the fee of admittance to join this raucous crowd. The smell of brown enters your nostrils as you order a tankard of warm grog. With every sip, memories from your recent past slowly slip away...

Help us Sing our Shanties...

As our misfit band of buccaneers swabs the deck and prepares to voyage to the treacherous land of Kickstarter with our new board game, you can follow every step of our journey.

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So grab a pint of grog and join in the chorus as we spread our story and sing our glorious Sea Shanties for all to hear.

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