Our Lore

You enter a weather-worn building on an island somewhere in the far western reaches of the Kanvus Sea. The small tavern is crowded but the dark, damp air inside, although heavy with must, is a refuge from the sweltering sun currently baking the island's shore.

The tavern swells, bustling with privateers and buccaneers -- a missing eye, arm, or leg seems to be the fee of admittance to join this raucous crowd. The smell of brown enters your nostrils as you order a tankard of warm grog. With every sip, memories from your recent past slowly slip away...

That's when a stout bard with an aging accordion emerges from the corner. He brushes sand and dust from the instrument's bellows and as he begins to squeeze its sides, the familiar notes cut through the crowd and dance around your ears. He begins jovially singing a shanty that is well-known among all of the patrons. You slurp down the last drops of your grog and slam your tankard on the table.

Making your way towards the source of the music, you can't help but feel like the room full of salty sailors is watching your every move. The bard continues to sing of the Legendary Pirates of The Kanvus Sea. His soothing voice mixes with the punctuated melody from his accordion. It captivates you as you notice now that the other carousers in the tavern are singing along. You cannot help yourself from humming along to the tunes about the great pirates of the past.

A thought fueled by drink and existential crises enters your head as the crowd dives into the shanty's chorus. It may be too late to change your past, but you can still craft the legacy you leave behind...

You hurriedly gather your crew, recruit a few new sailors, and rush out to port. By the time you find yourself in Davy Jones’ Locker, The Kanvus Sea will sing of your name by praise or by fear!

… But you’re not the only one ready to weigh anchor.

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