Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when we run out of loot chits?

There is a limited amount of loot in The Kanvus Sea. If there is a loot type that runs out, then that type of loot can no longer be collected! Captains must "simplify" the amount of Loot chits they have collected and buried, meaning they are required to utilize the "3" side of Loot chits when possible.

There is a Lore card that is impossible/difficult to complete.

Difficult Lore cards that have the possibility to be completed should stay in the game. If during the game, Lore cards appear that are impossible to complete (For example, "Draught" states "Control Three Islands that Produce Grog," and there may only be 2 Grog-producing islands on a 3 or 4 player board), then that card is replaced with an additional random Lore card from the game box. Please note that this does not come from the Lore pile as the total amount of Lore cards in the game must be constant.

What happens when two wind arrows point towards each other?

Exiting a square in the same direction as a wind arrow is pointing can be done for zero actions. Exiting a square in the opposite direction of a wind arrow costs two actions to complete. Exiting a square perpendicular to a wind arrow costs 1 action (normal sailing movement). Sailing across two squares with competing wind arrows effectively negates the arrows: one would cost no actions, one would cost two actions, leaving the 2 net actions to move through these spaces.

Can I keep playing if I have zero crew tokens on my ship?

You may complete all actions as normal! You may still sail, recruit, plunder to recover crew tokens, abandon, and even initiate a battle. However, you are likely to lose all battles since you will only be able to select zero on the battle dials until you acquire some crew tokens into your ship.

How does turn order work?

Every player's turn will have three phases: Actions, Bury, and then Collect. After a player has completed their turn (consisting of all three phases), then the next player clockwise will start their turn of all three phases.

Have more questions?

We will be adding more FAQ questions to this page periodically. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us!